One of the measures that most businesses often do in times of economic hardship is to reduce the costs in any aspect of maintaining a business. However, there is a certain cost that should not be cut, otherwise it would instigate additional cost when something wrong happens.

This is applicable in some businesses or companies wherein workers are exposed to fire explosion or other combustible materials. The cost of wearing fire retardant clothing is one aspect that should not be reduced because it is significant for the safety of the workers.

Ensuring the safety of workers would mean productivity in the working environment beneficial to both of the company and workers. Wearing fire retardant clothing is a contributing factor in work safety programs implemented by different businesses to eliminate the risks in the workplace. Many incidents happened that in a way could be mitigated by wearing fire retardant clothing.

Strict implementation of work safety program would not only reduce the occurrence of accidents but also makes the working place safer. On the other hand, some companies are reluctant to add to their cost the safety expenses of providing their worker’s fire retardant clothing.  Safety program is less expensive as compared to the expenses that would incur when an accident happens.

Several manufacturers offer and supply fire protective clothing to many companies that implement work safety programs. Though the fabrics used in the clothing more often are the same, still there is some distinctive feature in fire resistant clothing manufactured by different manufacturers.

It is better to be well prepared than to wait for something bad to happen. In addition, outdoor enthusiasts found fire retardant clothing ideal for outdoor activities because of the characteristics provided by the fabric. It is worthwhile to invest in this kind of clothing as it is for your safety and health as well. It is good to cut cost but not the safety of workers.

Thus, it is quite smart to invest in fire retardant clothing to ensure the safety of your worker at the same time keep your business going and profit despite the economic downturn.

Fire retardant clothing is a necessity for people working in conditions that can be very dangerous to their lives. Providing fire retardant clothing to the employees is one factor of providing the safety precautions. Fire retardant clothing materials earlier were hard to wear and keep on the body. But currently, fire retardant clothing materials are coming to the market that is easy to wear during the working hours. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) gives out instructions as of to what type of safety precautions are to be taken in the workplace. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is another organization that advocates on prevention of fire and public safety. These two organizations are responsible for keeping the standards of the fire retardant clothing.

Rift Safety Gear Pty Ltd specialises in the production of custom-made fire-resistant/anti-static/arc rated safety apparel of the highest quality. Our garments are specifically designed for industries including oil, gas, offshore, petrochemical, electrical, emergency services and mining. Established in 2007, we have grown from a safety garments manufacturing company that catered for the construction, parks and gardens and civil industries to now being a high end supplier to some of the world’s most renowned global oil, gas and offshore companies. The Rift business model has achieved success by directly supplying companies that require safety apparel and PPE of the highest standard for their workforce at the most competitive pricing. The Rift promise is to deliver technically superior safety garments and PPE that are cost competitive, whilst also providing full visibility for our clients throughout the order placement and delivery process.

Rift Safety Gear range of apparel utilises various fire-resistant/arc rated/anti-static fabrics combined with cutting-edge technology to deliver superior workplace performance. We are able to accommodate various budgets and pride ourselves in our ability to take into account a range of safety and comfort specifications.

All Rift safety garments fully comply with stringent Australian and global safety standards and are produced by various ISO-approved companies with over 20 years’ experience in manufacturing first-class safety gear for the oil, gas, petrochemical, off-shore, emergency service and mining global markets.

By matching or combining Rift safety garment characteristics to the workplace hazards relevant for your specific industry, we can ensure that your workforce will be adequately protected.

Rift Safety Gear also manufactures a full range of high-end gloves, safety glasses, footwear, hard hats, safety harnesses and accessories, life vests and hearing protection equipment, meaning that we can cater for all project procurement needs by kitting out workforces from head-to-toe.


Rift Safety Gear Fabrics and other Products:

  1. Fire-Retardant & Inherent – AS/NZS: 2755.1985 / AS/NZS: 2801.2008 / NFPA 2112
  2. Arc Flash Protection – NFPA 70E
  3. Anti-Static Protection – AS/NZS: 1020.1995
  4. Breathable, wind and waterproof clothing – AS 2001.2.18:1987
  5. Insect Repellent Safety Garments- DIN EN ISO 10993-1:2003-12
  6. High Visibility – AS/NZS: 4602.1:2011 / AS/NZS 1906.4:2010
  7. UV Treatment Certification – AS/NZS:4399.1996
  8. Safety Gloves – EN 388
  9. Safety Boots – AS/NZS: 2210.3.2009 / ISO 20345:2003
  10. Safety Glasses – AS/NZS: 1337.1: 2010
  11. Safety Harnesses – ANSI/ASSE Z359.1-2007 / CE / CSA Standard Z259.12.11
  12. Life Vests – IMO Res MSC 81


Why Choose Rift Safety Gear:

  1. We offer the highest quality garments for the best value.
  2. All Rift garments are supplied with test reports, ensuring confidence in the standards of protection offered.
  3. Our safety apparel can be designed to any specification required.
  4. We make quality and lead times our top priority.
  5. We are able to hold stock for all contracted clients. We can also create order alerts to ensure that stock levels remain at an agreed percentage.
  6. We provide unrivaled reliability and flexibility to maintain the highest standard of customer service.
  7. We understand and encourage our garments to be trialed since this allows for any final amendments prior to the bulk manufacturing stage.
  8. Our experienced team members work hard to assist and support our clients throughout the product development and supply process.

There is wide range of safety garments available both nationally and internationally. Rift has worked hard to ensure that a number of aspects differentiate us from other suppliers on the market so that we are always a smart choice when it comes to safety apparel.